Review List 2017

Violin review list

Book 1
Twinkles through to Perpetual Motion
Minuet 2
Happy Farmer

Book 2
Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus
Brahms Waltz
Witches Dance
Beethoven Minuet

Book 3
Bach Minuet Bk3 (Minuet 3)
Bach 2 Gavottes

Book 4
Seitz 1 (Concerto no.2 3rd movement)
Vivaldi Concerto in A minor 1st movement

Book 5
County Dance

Book 6
Rameau Gavotte

Viola review list

Book 1: The whole of Book 1

Book 2: Maccabeus, Hunters Chorus, Brahms Waltz, Lully Gavotte from book 2

Book 3: G minor gavotte, Mozart Minuet, Bach Bourree from book 3

Book 4: Seitz 2 & Telemann Double iii & iv* from book 4

Cello review list

Book 1
Twinkles to Perpetual Motion
Minuet in C
Book 2
Long Long Ago and Variation
Minuet 1
Book 3
Book 4
Breval sonata 1st mov.
Chanson Triste

Piano review list

Piano students in Books 1-6 should review ALL these pieces from previous books to play in the Group classes and Piano Playtogethers.

Eg: If you are in Book 4, you play all the pieces from Books 1-4

Do not learn new pieces that you have not studied with your teacher

Book 1: Twinkles / Mary / Go Tell Aunt Rhody / Little Playmates / Allegretto 2 / Allegro

Book 2: Ecossaise / Happy Farmer / Minuet in G minor / Arietta / Beethoven Sonatina 1st mvt

Book 3: Clementi Sonatina Op.36/1 3rd mvt / Wild Rider / Ecossaise / Theme

Book 4: Rondo / Arabesque / Bach Musette / Gavotte in G minor

Book 5: Fur Elise / Old French Song / Beethoven Sonatina in F 1st mvt / Chopin Waltz

Book 6: Mozart Sonata K545 1st and 3rd mvts only / Venetian Gondola Song

Book 7+ students will be sent other repertoire later.