Every year there are a number of spending opportunities.

Bristol Violin shop take a room for the week, and have instruments to suit a whole range of budgets, cases, strings  and accessories on sale along with good advice. This is a super time to try out instruments if you are in the market for a new one, as they can be borrowed for a day or so. If you have specific requirements it is worth contacting them ahead of time as they can bring specific instruments to suit you and your budget. Students travelling from abroad can hire instruments for the week to avoid complications when flying with certain airlines. Please contact the Bristol Violin Shop directly in advance of the course to arrange instrument hire.

British Suzuki Institute also open a shop every day where they sell sheet music, Suzuki music and recordings, brilliant music based presents (all those treble clef pencil tops !). Everything you need, and a bit more.

Bow re-hairing Every year there is a fantastically useful overnight bow re-hairing service.

Bryanston Merchandise  for 2019 there will be a range of Merchandise available in this years colour. So look out for t-shirts, hoodies and pencils and dusters.

The basement Café is open for a quiet coffee and cake through out the day, and in the evening there is a bar.